Ultimatus Services LTd. achieves superior results through a combination of simplicity, optimization, broad experience and the implementation of industry best practices.
Our team invests the time, effort and expertise to understand a client’s unique business and Internet marketing goals. Our recommendations are based on the optimum combination of an array of search engine marketing services that are designed to meet and exceed the customer’s goals.
Our call center agents are simply the best in the industry. Let our courteous, well-spoken telephone call center representatives revamp your corporate image by professionally answering your calls and dispatching your messages

Providing the optimal combination of our services, and customizing a campaign project plan to match each ones unique needs, capabilities and business model, we offer outstanding, industry-leading results and service that is consistent, personalized and focused.


Our experience shows that telemarketing if often the best way to make the most out of a database of online clients. Ultimatus Services LTd. employs a team of leading sales people, excelling in maximizing win-win sale situations. Using economical calculations, our representatives are able to come up with best prices and finalize high value deals professionally and pleasantly. Our call-center greatly improves customer retention and is advised to any kind of eCommerce business.

We also assist with:


At Ultimatus Services LTd. our experience has taught us that there are no Search Engine Optimization secrets. Diligent work and expertise are all that is needed in order to beat the competitors in obtaining a high ranking for desired search keywords. Search Engine Optimization never rests, much like a client’s competition. Ultimatus Services LTd. offers outstanding service in search engine optimization through.


Ultimatus Services LTd. is an expert in utilizing advanced management & ROI tracking systems. One reason pay-per-click campaigns have become so popular is that they are significantly quicker than traditional search engine optimization. You don’t need to change any of your current site’s content so they can be implemented almost immediately, and it can take just a few minutes, versus weeks or months, to start getting targeted traffic. We work with many search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN
We offer professional PPC Management Services with options to fit any budget Ultimatus Services LTd. offers its clients a comprehensive, high ROI solution.

Email Marketing

Email marketing campaigns and newsletters are an essential component of any online marketing initiative. Communicating with clients, potential clients, and colleagues on a regular basis helps keep a company at the top of their mind, it also encourages repeat business and builds brand loyalty. However, email marketing works best when marketers really know how to use it. Consumers welcome email if it is relevant and of value. When used appropriately, email can balance low cost with high response rates better than any other marketing media. Nevertheless, marketers must maximize effectiveness through improved content, precise targeting and accurate tracking.
At Ultimatus Services LTd, we offer complete Newsletter / Email Campaign management systems for our clients. Our full service newsletter system frees our clients from the burdening tasks associated with Newsletter and Email Campaigns. All of our complete newsletter packages are fully customized to integrate seamlessly into our customer’s website and to help support online marketing initiatives.